Toyota Spark Plug Auto Parts



Product name:Auto Engine Spark Plug for Toyota

Application: Auto Part Spark Plug

Car Model: Use for Toyota

Function: To ignite the air/fuel mixture

Color:Client Required

Brand Name: OEM

Warranty:1 year

The spark plug has two primary functions: To ignite the air/fuel mixture. Electrical energy is transmitted through the spark plug, jumping the gap in the plugs firing end if the voltage supplied to the plug is high enough. This electrical spark ignites the gasoline/air mixture in the combustion chamber.

Small but mighty, the spark of electricity that the plug emits across a small gap creates the ignition for the combustion needed to start your car. By putting the engine’s pistons in motion, your car can power up, stay powered up and produce a smooth burn of the compressed air-fuel mixture. What’s more, the car spark plug has excellent heat resistance, pollution tolerance and a wider range of heat adaptability.


1.High alumina ceramic has excellent insulativity in high temperature to avoid over fire
2.Special powder is used to connect the insulator and mental to make sure the excellent air tightness
3.Spark plug adopts the iridium material, thinner central electrode and tapered outer electrode, which improve the ignition performance.
4.The main metal adopts the high temperature prevention and corrosion protection metal material and plating processing
5.The imported raw material insures the high performance and high quality
6.Large technical team and perfect testing equipment is the product quality assurance of Southern






Material: Iridium(optional)

Type:Distributorless Ignition System

Component:Spark Plug

Ignition Voltage:16 KV

Burner Height:3m

Car Modle: Toyota series

Packaging : Standard Exporting Carton